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The journey begins on July 29th and ends on September 11th, 2023

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terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012

Arrived in Greensboro!

This is a nice little city, we'll spend the night here.

In Union Point historic district

In Crawfordville

On the road

On our way

Camping on a scary place

<p>We found what seems to be a ghost camp in the middle of nowhere... And since we needed a place to camp we decided to stay here.</p>
<p> This seems to be a religious place called Fountain Campground. Around there are several abandoned houses. One of them had a very weak red light on, and was all opened, like a barn. I decided to say hello in the hopping the owner wouls come and greet us, but no one  answered. So, I decided to go in. I turned on the video recording camera and walked in the house. That was a scary place. The whole place seemed to be falling apart. The first room had two old mattresses turned vertically. The second room had several dusty toys all over the floor. They were all old and dirty, my guess is that whatever children who had played woth those toys has been far away for a long time.

I went out of the house and we kept exploring the site. We found bathrooms that were in good condition, and In the middle of the campground there was what seemed to be a wooden church with just the roof austained by pillars, no walls. We decided to put our tents in the altar. There we found light switches and plugs. Thankduly we had food ready to be heated up, so we connected our electric pan and had dinner.

Not too long ago we heard wolfs close by, so thats an extra worry for the night.

There are several noises coming from the forest that circles this place, probably animals digging around.

We also heard a car passing by a side unpaved street. They had loud music and were passing through, but then they suddenly stopped. Two men and a woman got out of the car and started yelling at each other. "do you want me to take you home?", screamed the first man. The woman seemed to be crying but we couldn't be sure. At this point we turned off the altar lights and docked so they wouldn't see us. A few minutes later the noise stopped, they got in their car and went away.

Just heard more noises outside our tents, can't be sure what that is... </p>