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The journey begins on July 29th and ends on September 11th, 2023

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domingo, 13 de maio de 2012

Can't post summaries tonight

My internet connection sucks at this hotel... Everything is ready but I'll have to post them tomorrow.

Current Progress (05/13/2012)

The stars are marking the places we slept on.

No way to move forward today

The rain took too long to stop, temperatures are just too low. We cannot do 70 more miles today. With a realistic estimation we would reach our destination at 2:00 am, so we had no other option but to head back to Santa Rosa. We are now at a cheap hotel on the West side of the city.

We will take this opportunity to write the remaining daily summaries, make the pending daily videos and update the site. Then we will have dinner and sleep really early so we can wake up early tomorrow and hopefully go towards Albuquerque without rain.

Stay tuned for the next daily summaries latter tonight!

Lunch time!

No vegetarian anything here, nothing else for the next 50 miles, so... burger it is... :/

Freaking hail!!

This gigantic thunderstorm caght us while we were eating and resting at a gas station. The rain intesified, so we decide to stop and wait for the rain to stop and wait. A few minutes later hail started to fall!!

Look at that... And the temperature it's freezing cold right now.

Catching rain on the road

Today we're catching more rain on the road. The temperature rose a little bit so it's easier to ride.

Due to my uncles injury on his knee and the rain we have progressed somewhat slower than we have planned but still we have covered 10 miles already.

Now we're going to eat something, recover the energies and then move on.

And hey, no flat tires so far!! =)

Car museum in Santa Rosa

Seems nice, it's a shame we don't have time to go in.

Starting a new day

Today we need to go from Santa Rosa to Albuquerque, which is an about 100 miles course.

Yesterday we got one more flat tire and now have no spare new tubes... so far we couldn't find a new tube for our wheel size in this city.

Hopefully we won't have another flat on the road, else we'll be im big trouble. There nothing around here.