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The journey begins on July 29th and ends on September 11th, 2023

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domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Day 57 – 05/29/2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Day 1

This day we slept a little longer than usual due to the fact we were very tired from the previous day’s ride. We woke up, made breakfast and left the room at checkout time, 11:00 am. Before hitting the road we saw a Starbucks and decided to stop to have a coffee and talk before riding. We spent a good 45 minutes there, the coffee was awesome and the air conditioning too.

Once we started riding the hot weather started affecting us, the sun was very strong and the air was not cool at all. Thankfully, we were going downhill for most of the time and were able to cover a good number of miles in a short period of time.

We passed by a city called Henderson located just before Las Vegas. We stopped by a Post Office to ship a few things to Brazil which my uncle and I were carrying but not using.

We then resumed the ride. At that point we had access to a nice bicycle path so we didn’t have to deal with the intense traffic. As we approached Vegas the urban area started to surround us. We could see Casinos and hotels pretty much everywhere. Many little shopping malls were there too and the quantity of cars in the streets rose significantly.

We decided to stop by a Walmart before getting to the hotel, but before we could get there a nail entered my uncle’s rear tire. We stopped at a shade and had it fixed. We then proceeded to the Walmart. We took a long time to arrive and the intense sun made it that much harder, too.
I purchased some food items and we headed to the hotel. By the time we arrived we were so tired from the intense heat that we decided to eat and sleep a couple of hours before going out.

When we finally woke up, around 9:30pm we washed our faces and decided to go out. We left our bags in the hotel and rode towards the Vegas Strip. We parked the bicycles in the parking lot of the THEhotel and walked through the casino’s first floor. We saw so many machines, it’s a shame e could not take pictures or film inside the casino. We ended up entering the Mandalay Bay, THEhotel and the MGM Grand.

After about three hours of walking and exploring the beginnings of the Las Vegas Blvd we decided to go back to the hotel. There we had dinner and prepared to sleep for the exciting day that was about to come!

Arrived in Corcoran, CA

We arrived in a small city called Corcoran, CA. This is a farming community, and the city has a very nice feeling to it. Most houses are pretty and the main street is very well taken care of. Clearly this is a place where people have money.

My uncle is taking shower now and the food is in the microwave!

I'm writing some daily summaries and will post two or three more in a few minutes, we are quite late so I'll post a few to catch up somewhat.

Tomorrow we'll be going towards Fresno, CA!

Today going North

Our plan is to get as close as possible to Fresno, CA. We'll see how many mile we'll do before sunset!