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The journey begins on July 29th and ends on September 11th, 2023

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terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2012

At Pier 39!

In the Fisherman's Wharf!

At Lombard Street!

San Francisco is awesome!

What a beautiful day to explore the city, the weather is perfect!!

At the Golden Gate bridge!

Having lunch!

We found a nice little coffee house in Geary Blvd with good sandwiches so we decided to eat here!

Going out to explore San Francisco

Since my uncle needed to orfanize his things to travel back to Brazil we could not stay in the woods.

We're at a cheep hotel and are now going out to explore the city!

Day 63 – 06/04/2012 – Ludlow, CA - Part 1

When we planned this ride we knew it would be one of the toughest stretches to complete, if not the toughest of all. That’s because of several factors such as the fact that between Needles and Ludlow there was pretty much nothing, just a small city called Amboy which was nearly a ghost town. Also we knew the temperatures for that area were always very high and humidity very low. What we did not know was that this day would end up after us in very bad shape. We arrived after being awake for 30 hours straight of which 26 were on the road, freezing, barely able to walk our bicycles and frightened from what we had just witnessed. But we’ll get there.


Our day started actually at night. Since we knew the temperatures for that region were so elevated we decided to sleep the whole day in Ludlow and then wake up at night to ride a few hours before sunrise. So we put our clocks to 10:30 pm, and woke up on time. We were fully rested from the previous day’s ride which later proved to be a good thing.

Immediately after waking up we started packing our things, but we had left most of it all over the place so packing took a while. By 1:00am we finally left the hotel room and headed to a local gas station to eat something before the ride. We eat what they had available: cold burritos, a couple of donuts and had some coffee to stay alert the whole night. By 2:30am we finally started our ride.
Because Needles was so distant from Ludlow – about 90 miles in a straight line – and there were several risk factors involving in this ride we decided to attempt getting there using the shortest route: the interstate I-40, where bicycles were not allowed. Of course, that plan did not go well. As soon as we entered the road’s shoulder space a police car stopped us. They asked where we were going. We explained our journey and they showed a lot of interest, but of course not interest enough to let us ride in the interstate. They told us to get the alternate road: the Old Route 66. But they were nice and didn’t make us go back, instead they let us keep going until the next exit where we then promised to get out of I-40 and make a detour through road 95 in order to take Route 66. And so we did.

By the time we reached road 95’s intersection it was already almost 4:00am. Over there the sunrise was at about 5:30am at this time of the year, so we didn’t have much time before temperatures would start to rise. We rode 7 more miles towards road 95, and then made the detour to enter Route 66. Up to this point everything was fine except that we were going uphill constantly which delayed our progress significantly. It took us about two more hours to reach the next city, Goffs. What a unique place!

Pretty much empty, the place had been founded in the early 1800s but had just 23 people living there. We saw a church and several houses falling apart. Just a single farm and a few houses seemed to be populated. That meant no coffee, no food, no nothing. We just passed through the city, took some pictures and moved on.