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The journey begins on April 5th and ends on June 20, 2012

Ride Progress: COMPLETE!
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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Ready to sleep

Dinner was good, shower is taken, clothes are washed... Now is time to rest for another great day tomorrow!

Today we won't go too far

We had just 5 hours of sleep this past night, so we decided not to go too far. We will stay at a hotel in Yukon, a small district 20 miles from Oklahoma City.

Tomorrow we'll start our journey in the Route 66 towards Amarillo, TX and then towards the Grand Canyon.

We still have about 35 days to complete the crossing. That leaves us with 4 days to rest and 31 to ride 62 miles a day or more. And also this includes 4 days for any unexpected delays.

I'm sure we can make it!!

In Bricktown!

A very popular destination for tourists in Oklahoma City.

Over the Stonebridge lake

Still in Oklahoma City!

Nice lunch!

At a Mexican restaurant!

Current Progress (05/04/2012)

Hi Folks!
Some people have asked for us to post a map with our current progress from time to time, so this is the first one!

Our progress as of 05/04/2012

Got spare tires

Now we are ready to enter the desert! =)

We'll have to carry them like dhown on the picture until the ones we are using end its life.

We are curretly using the Continental CONTACT Adventure tires.

Our new tires are the Continental Gatorskin, which should last at least 4000 miles on a fully loaded bike.

Ready to go explore Oklahoma City!

What a day!!

At 4:00am we finally arrived in the hotel. Due to the 5 flat tires today we spent 15 hours on the road to get to where we had planned. Still I think this was a nice day with a few things that will stay in my memory forever, such as crossing paths with a wolf. But I'll give all the details in the summaries as usual! =)

We wanted to post some new materials we got, but at this time all we can do is to go shower and sleep.

Tomorrow we'll get up at 10:00am and go see Oklahoma City on our way towards West.

Eduardo and Gilberto

After 5 flat tires...

...we arrived in the last place with anything to eat in many miles! This was quiet a day!

Our hotel is near so soon we'll be sleeping =)