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The journey begins on July 29th and ends on September 11th, 2023

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terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Our diet

This is another topic people have been asking about.

We usually wake up very hungry, since our bodies have been recovering all night long from the previous day's ride. Also, as we haven't been leaving the campgrounds very early, we try to start with a strong meal in order to progress two or three hours before having to stop to eat again.

For breakfast we have either sandwiches or a full meal. Our sandwiches are made with whole wheat bread, one egg and cheese. Usually each of us eat three of these, so half dozen eggs go each morning. Also, whole wheat bread is better because it digests slowly, delivering a steady dose of carbohydrates for the next hour and a half.

When we had the opportunity to buy frozen food on the previous night and have a ready-to-cook meal at hands we prepare it on our electric pan and pretty much have lunch before riding. Each of us eat in average 24oz of food on each meal.

We usually drink natural orange juice in the mornings.

Before leaving, we take one Centrum Specialist Energy to help replenish the minerals and vitamins we need for such an intense routine.

We our ride progresses, every 15 miles or so we stop and eat a fiber bar, usually those with high protein. These contain anything from 10g to 30g of protein, depending on the brand. Fibers also digest slowly, so that's good for us.

When we spend too much energy and get hungry in the middle of the afternoon, which is often, we stop and have a meal somewhere. Frequently we stop at a Subway and eat the Egg and Cheese sandwich loaded with all vegetables they got.

For dinner, we usually buy two packs of 24o frozen food at a supermarket and cook it in our electric pan. We also drink a quarter gallon of chocolate milk each pretty much every night.
Note on being a vegetarianBeing a vegetarian in this trip has quite a challenge. Not only due to our caloric and proteinic needs, but also due to availability of vegetarian dishes in some remote places. More than once I had to eat chicken or turkey since there was nothing else around. Having said that, I've been able to maintain my diet fairly well with pretty much no meat for the most part. Proteins come from supplement bars, eggs, and chocolate milk.
So far that has been working very well for us.