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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Summary of day 21 - Resting Day - Memphis, TN

Day 21 – 04/23/2012 – Resting Day – Memphis

Just as all other resting days, this one was great. We woke up around 9:00am and then did a few things in the computer. I ordered a debit replacement card which will arrive in the hotel we plan to stay in Conway, three days from now. Then we went out to see the city.

We headed to downtown where the Graceland Mansion – Elvis Presley’s former home - was indicated by our maps. On our way, we deviated from our route to get a coffee and stumbled upon FedexForum, a major basketball stadium. We saw there was a game between Memphis and Cleveland so we decided to watch the game. We got our tickets and then had our coffee.

When we arrived to our destination we discovered that unfortunately it was wrong and there was no mansion in that location. Instead, we found Beale Street. That was an amazing place: full of historical places, stores and restaurants. The B.B. King club was there, as were many stores established in the 19th century.

We walked around, explored and talked to a few people. One of the guys told me about how legendary that place was, and how significant it had been in his life. He had been a musician in his early days but it didn’t turn so well financially. Now he was with a friend on one of the stores in that same street. We took a picture together and I moved on.

We then decided to eat pizza! Each of us had an entire Domino’s pizza of medium size. I guess we needed to pack some calories. Then we rode to the actual Graceland Mansion which was about 10 miles away.

It was a guided tour, but we were free to explore the house and expend as much time in each section as we wished. The whole place had an intense atmosphere. Though the colorful, almost unorganized decoration and furniture I became clear that Elvis’ personality in the stage transcended his shows and was also part of this private life. Golden furniture pieces, colorful walls, ceilings with carpet and others with mirrors. And a room with three televisions lined up which Elvis used to watch on different channels, all at once. It was a very interesting place indeed. We learned a lot about his life and then visited his grave.

We then rode back to downtown to watch the game. It was my first time watching a basketball game and I can say I’ll be back there more times for sure. I enjoyed the whole thing, not just the game. If you’ve been in a basketball game you know what I mean: they make a big show out of it.
Then we headed back to the hotel, just stopping by to get some groceries. Next we had dinner, showered and prepared to sleep. What an amazing city and unforgettable day!