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quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Day 38 – 05/10/2012 – Vega, TX

This was a day we had planned to make a long distance, so we slept early and woke up early. We improvised some coffee with instantaneous coffee packs we had taken from the last hotel room.

By 9:30 we were going out of the room when my uncle noticed his back tire was flat.

We unassembled the bike and exchanged the tube, but by the time we were back on the road it was already 10:50 am. From that point on we had a smooth ride. We planned all our way in the I-40 Service Road, following the Old Route 66 Highway. We rode the first 17 miles and passed through a small city with several grain storages. From there we saw the sign point out that Vega city was 13 miles away, so we decided to have lunch there before moving on.

When we arrived in Vega the first thing we noticed was that the city, despite of its small population, had three hotels. We looked for a place to eat and found the only restaurant in town, a Dairy Queen. There, asked permission to put out bikes inside so we could watch our stuff. There was a table full of old friends having lunch, and they all stopped to look at us. One woman got offended by us wanting to watch our things and said “Hey, no one steals in this city.” I told her we go everywhere so we are just used to this kind of precaution, but she didn’t like it and looked other way. Honestly, I was just hungry and somewhat tired so I didn’t care much.

Before ordering we got to talk with one of the cashiers and she told us the city we wanted to stay in, Adrian, had no hotels or anywhere to stay. The next city with a place to sleep would be Tucumcari, in New Mexico. Unfortunately, that was too far for us… another 80 miles from where we were.

With no other option, we agreed to stay there and move to Tucumcari in the next day. We found a small supermarket and got things to eat, then headed to the cheapest hotel.

To our surprise the room was fine and very clean. We eat showered, washed clothes and went to sleep 9:30 pm in order to wake up 6:30 am the next day.