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sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2012

Day 41 – 05/13/2012 – Unable to Proceed - Santa Rosa, NM

This day we had plans to wake up early, pack as soon as possible, go eat breakfast, inflate my front tire properly, get new bandages for my uncle’s injured knee and hit the road before 10am. Almost everything went according to the plan, except getting the breakfast. This day was mother’s day and almost every food store was closed. We ended up getting one sandwich to go, a bottle of chocolate milk and starting the ride without a proper meal in order to reach our destination before dusk.

My shoes were still very wet from the previous day's rain, so I wrapped them with plastic bags over the socks to keep them warm.

As soon as we started riding the rain started again and the temperature dropped. We pulled our rain coats and moved forward slowly. My uncle’s knee was hurting so we couldn't maintain the same average speeds we have been doing in previous days. I had forgotten my gloves in the previous hotel and my hands were freezing. We kept advancing this way for about nine miles, when we crossed paths with a gas station and decided to go check if they had gloves to sell.

We ended up eating and drinking a hot coffee too. Just when we were ready to leave the place a strong storm reached us and we decided to stay and wait before moving on. After a few minutes it intensified and heals started falling. In just a few minutes the parking lot was covered in little icy blocks.

We decided to have lunch and wait some more, but with all this delay and the fact we still had 70 miles to go we estimated we would only arrive 2am, if we had no flat tires. That summed up with the fact temperatures were very low resulted in two people agreeing to go back to Santa Rosa.

 We rode 7 miles back and found another cheap hotel to spend the afternoon and night. During this time we caught up in blog updates, washed the clothes, and went out to a local restaurant to have diner. We eat a giant pizza and had a good chat there, then came back and prepared to sleep.