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segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

Day 46 – 05/18/2012 – Unable to Proceed - Gallup, NM

Due to our late arrival on the previous day and the fact we needed to rest before riding long stretches again, our plan for the day was to leave the hotel at 10 am and ride to a place called Chambers, about 51 miles from Gallup.

We woke up and did everything according to the plan ad by 10 am we were on our way. We then discovered my front tire needed extra air, so we stopped by a tire shop to have the pressure adjusted. We were worried with the fact the winds were too strong and the forecast called for even strong winds that afternoon, but we thought we could cover fifty one miles if we were to ride the entire day. We started moving forward, but the gusts were holding us back so strong that we could barely hold our bikes straight.

Our speeds were averaging 5 mph, and at times we were at just 4. So you have an idea, someone walking advances at about 3 mph. At these speeds it would take us ten hours riding to arrive there and we would need to stop and rest frequently due to the difficulty to move forward, so add more three hours for that. This means we would get to our destination sometime between eleven and midnight.

After just twenty minutes riding we decided that it was not worth the trouble to advance just fifty miles. We also decided to use that day to explore the city and sleep early in order to go further the next day.

On our way back we stopped by a nice Indian store and bought a small Dream Catcher for my bicycle and some other small things as well. We decided then not to go back to the previous hotel which was horrible. We asked the price on a few others, and finally found a nice one for a reasonable price. We placed our things in the hotel and went out to explore the city, but this time we left the bikes in the room and went walking.

We wanted to cut our hair and that seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that. We looked for the barber shop locations. The first one was booked, but the second was not. We got in asked how much it was. The guy wanted fourteen dollars for each. Since all I needed was to shave my head I thought that was too much. My uncle set down but he and the guy didn’t communicate well. The guy started to get mad and asked if we didn’t want to cut somewhere else. We really didn’t want any conflicts, so we just walked away.

We stopped at the local cultural center where we learned more about the Indians that inhabited that area before it was transformed into a modern city. We also had a great coffee and celebrated my uncle's birthday in advance by eating a delicious cake in the cultural center's coffee house.

We then crossed downtown walking and arrived at a supermarket. We bought food for the night and on our way back to the hotel bought a sandwich for the next morning.

That day we had time to update the website, shower and wash clothes without running too much. We slept early in preparation for the long day that was coming.