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sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Day 53 – 05/25/2012 – Seligman, AZ

We left the hotel room in Williams fairly late, around 11 in the morning and headed straight to a nearby supermarket where they had a Starbucks. We got too large coffees and set down outside to talk and drink the coffee. We had a great time. The temperatures were not as low as in the previous day, but it was very windy. Of course, as usual, the winds were blowing against us.

Once we were done with the coffees we left the city and starting riding towards a small city called Ashfork where we were planning to have lunch on. The first eighteen miles were pretty much all downhill, and despite of the strong winds holding us back we had good progress without too much effort. Once the downhill ended, though, things changed.

We started inching forward as slowly as it gets. Sometimes our speeds would not exceed the 4mph. Getting to Askfork as hard, but once we did we had a good opportunity to rest. There we found a small restaurant and set down to have lunch. The waiter was nice and the food was good too.
Then we resumed our ride, one more time against the string winds. At some point we saw two wild boars running by the side of the road.

When we arrived in the crossing where we would exit to enter Seligman we decided to stop at a Subway and have diner. It took us quite a while to get our food due to the long line at the counter, but we eventually managed to eat and go. By this time the temperatures were much lower already and we were shivering. We rode two more miles before entering Seligman’s urban area.

We found a nice little place to stay called Romney Motel. The guy on the front desk was very friendly and we spent several minutes chatting before heading to the room. Once we got there, I left some of my bags there and went out to buy chocolate milk and juice at a nearby gas station. We then did the usual: showered, washed clothes, had dinner and prepared to sleep.