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sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Day 55 – 05/27/2012 – Kingman, AZ

This day we woke up with the sun warming up our tents considerably. I had plans to sleep a little longer, but by 7:30 am we were both up and disassembling our stuff. Everything was harder due to the fact we had no access to a restroom. We managed to wash our faces and brush our teeth using a little of the water we had for the trip to Kingman, and a nearby tree worked just fine as our restroom.

We eat a few slices of bread and started riding. To our surprise, a just a mile down the road we found a nice gas station and got some coffee. We got to talk with the food mart’s attendant and he let us use the employee’s sink so we could brush our teeth one more time after the coffee.

Once we returned to the road we had no major problems other than the heat, but we were used to it at this point. We saw rocky formations and mountains all around us where there were a few usual cactuses with blooming flowers. My uncle stopped a few times to take pictures.

After a few miles we crossed two small cities, one called Valentine where there wasn’t much other than a train crossing and a few houses, and another called Hackberry where we found a great Route 66 stop. There they had several items such as old gas station pumps, stickers, frames and pins of all types, all related to Route 66. They also had an incredible red 1957 Corvette which is the symbol of the Route 66. We spent about an hour there, had coffee and then resumed the ride.

 From there the way to Kingman was not too hard except for the heat. We again encountered several downhill stretches. In that part of the ride we saw a few isolated communities in the middle of the desert. It was impressive to see how they survive in such arid and hostile environment, many even without running water or electrical power.

When we arrived in Kingman we passed by several hotels, but we wanted to get food before checking in the hotel. On our way to a nearby Walmart we found a Domino’s pizza place and stopped for a large pizza and a few bread sticks. Then we got what we needed in Walmart and headed back to the hotel without any issues.